Youth Programs

After-school and summer programs continue to be at the core of the DTE youth programs. These programs serve Tigua youth ages 5 to 18 and are implemented to improve academic skills, social emotional wellbeing, and physical wellness.

The Positive Action curriculum is delivered to youth ages 6 to 17 participating in the after school and summer programming. Positive Action is a systematic educational program that promotes an intrinsic interest in learning and encourages cooperation among students.

DTE partners with the nearby public schools and their administrators to align transportation and programming efficiency. 

Higher Education Program

 The Higher Education Program assists enrolled tribal members of Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo in obtaining a degree from an accredited higher education institution in the form of educational awards. The amount of funding given to Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other sources for higher education awards varies every calendar year. Awards are intended to assist students living in the El Paso/Hudspeth and Doña Ana Counties in meeting the cost of tuition and books.


Ginny Contreras

Education Division Manager

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7212

Department of Tribal Empowerment

11100 Santos Sanchez
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, TX 79927
Phone: 915-872-8648
Fax: 915-872-8651



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