Community Development consolidated housing and pueblo maintenance efforts and formed the Property Management Division. This effort combined all custodial and maintenance resources, which reduces costs and improves efficiency. Six teams were then created under the new division: 

  • Custodial Services
  • Special Projects
  • Equipment Management
  • Roads & Grounds
  • Facilities Management
  • Housing Maintenance


The Custodial Services Team provides a clean and sanitary environment for all Pueblo facilities. This team represents the largest of the six which now includes 12 employees. The consolidation of custodial resources ensures standardization of products and services while leveraging benefits from bulk purchasing and optimizing storage space.

 The Special Projects team concentrates primarily on Traditional restoration projects such as the Ysleta Mission restoration completed in 2016. The Roads and Grounds team is now responsible for both commercial and residential properties while the Equipment Management team maintains all equipment assets including the Pueblo’s vehicle fleet. The team oversees and maintains all vehicles, heavy machinery, and other systems like pumps and generators.

 The Facilities Management team is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all Pueblo facilities. The Housing Maintenance team on the other hand maintains the residential properties. For example, this team restores units for re-occupancy.


Property Management

117 Juno Place
El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: 915-860-8346


Property Management Division