Speaking Rock Entertainment Center


Speaking Rock Entertainment Center is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week featuring different types of Entertainment such as Tribute Shows, Concerts, Full Service Restaurant, Café, Bars as well as Other Events.



Tigua Inc.


Tigua Inc. was established by the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo in 2008 and is driven to sustain the Tigua Tribal Community for future generations by diversifying the economic opportunities available.



Tigua Smoke Shop


The Tigua Smoke Shop offers quality tobacco at low competitive prices. Unique Native and Seneca Brands are available along with Cigars, Alcohol, Drinks, Snacks, and a wide variety of Accessories such as Hookahs, Pipes, and Zippo Lighters.



Recreation & Wellness Center


Much more than just your typical weight and cardio exercise gym, the Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC) gives you access to a completely new workout, fitness, and recreational experience that out performs any of the typical ordinary gyms in the area.



Tigua Community Development Corporation


The Tigua Community Development Corporation (TCDC) was created to counter financial barriers among the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo community. Its focus is to increase the access to credit, capital and financial services for the Tigua people through the creation of a Community Financial Development Institute (CDFI) with an operating revolving loan fund.