Mission Statement


The Communications Division is dedicated to promoting operability within our Pueblo and interoperability between Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo and all other Tribal, Federal, State, and Local Agencies in order to promote growth.


Vision Statement


Enabling the Pueblo to Communicate seamlessly with other Tribal, Federal, State, and Local Agencies.




Commitment - Committing to ethical and professional standards of conduct.

Perseverance - Steadily moving forward regardless of difficulty in order to achieve a successful outcome for the improvement of our Pueblo.

Preservation - Preserving the Pueblos Sovereignty through Commitment and Perseverance.


The Communications Division was created in 2017 under the Pueblos Department of Public Safety. The Communications Division is currently comprised of a Communications Manager and a Communications Intern.

The Communications Division is responsible for a system called the “Everbridge Mass Notification System.” This system is used to communicate with employees or the Pueblos Community Members for mass notifications. This system can be used to communicate important notifications during large-scale incidents like disasters.

The Communications Division is responsible for keeping these systems functional at all times.

Communications is key for a successful outcome!


Administration Building:

119 S. Old Pueblo Dr.
El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: 915-859-7913
Fax: 915-859-2988


Communications Division

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