Tigua EdTech Initiative - Phase 2

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pueblo is sponsoring a distance learning initiative aimed at bridging the gap you may be experiencing due to current shifts in education methods and service providers. Through its Tigua Educational Technology (EdTech) Initiative-Phase 2, the Department of Tribal Empowerment, in an effort to support the continuum of educational achievement, accessibility to necessary resources, and engagement with tribal government affairs, will continue to provide a FREE laptop to eligible tribal subgroups. The laptops will be equipped with basic Microsoft Office applications. Required documentation to confirm eligibility must be submitted electronically by navigating to "APPLY HERE" links below. You must sign in via your Gmail account due to the file upload requirements. Application processing time may take up to 4 weeks.

How to create a Gmail Account info here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/56256?hl=en 

Eligible Tribal Subgroups:

  • Enrolled Tribal Elder APPLY HERE
  • Enrolled Tribal Adult APPLY HERE
  • Enrolled Tribal Student attending an educational institution
  • Non-Tribal Step-Child to an Enrolled Tribal Member who lives in the YDSP service area. Tribal Parent must include their YDSP Enrollment Card in the application and sign the Laptop Release Form for the Step-Child. APPLY HERE

Required Forms:

For more information, please call 915-872-8648 or email [email protected]



The Department of Tribal Empowerment is the Pueblo’s hub for child development and education services. Through a host of programs, the department serves a wide range of Tigua members representing various age groups, educational levels and socio-economic backgrounds. Empowerment administers a wide array of adult, youth and early childhood programs such as the Tuy Pathu Pre-K, tutoring, and post-secondary scholarship assistance.


Contact Information

For more information or any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact Department of Tribal Empowerment Administrative staff at the following:

Anna Silvas

Tribal Empowerment Director

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7211

Work Cell: (915) 319-1950


MarySue Femath

Tribal Empowerment Assistant Director

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7220

Work Cell: (915) 540-6178

Saray Argumedo

Program Analyst

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7236


Kathy Chavez

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7215


Sarah Paiz


Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7210

Department of Tribal Empowerment

11100 Santos Sanchez
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, TX 79927
Phone: 915-872-8648
Fax: 915-872-8651



Tribal Empowerment Forms
DTE Committee Member Application
Laptop Property Release Form
Student Data Procurement Authorization Form

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