The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Tribal Council is the duly constituted traditional governing body of the Pueblo exercising all inherent governmental power, fiscal authority and tribal sovereignty as recognized in sections 101 and 104 of the Act of August 18, 1987 (the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Restoration Act), 101 Stat. 666, Public Law No. 100-89. Elected tribal officials—such as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Alguacil (Traditional Sheriff), and four Council members—serve annual terms. The Governors also provide administrative oversight of tribal government operations and enterprises. The Council directs and approves the strategic and legislative affairs of the Pueblo. Additional Council seats include a Cacique and a War Captain appointed to life-long terms. The  Cacique and War Captain provide spiritual and traditional guidance with assistance from four traditional council members known as Capitanes. The Pueblo is governed by oral tradition as well as the Tribal Code of Laws enforced by Tribal Police and upheld by the Tribal Court.


2022 Governing Tribal Council

Governors & Cacique

Governors and Cacique

Left to Right: Governor E. Michael Silvas, Cacique Jose Sierra Sr., Lt. Governor Adam Torres

2022 Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2022

Left To Right:

Sheriff Bernardo Gonzales, Councilman Fabian Gomez, War Captain Javier Loera,

Governor E. Michael Silvas, Cacique Jose Sierra Sr., Lt. Governor Adam Torres,

Councilman Rafael Gomez Jr., Councilman Raul Candelaria, Councilman Andrew Torrez



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