In 2016, the Pueblo restructured its cultural programming and created the Department of Cultural Preservation (DCP). The department is tasked with expectations to unify and preserve cultural programs, services and resources. The New framework aligns the Cultural Center, Cultural Development, and Repatriation efforts.

The goals of the department involve educating the public about the history, customs, traditions, and ideologies of the tribe, both current and historical. Due to the nature of these goals, the department has a high level of interaction with individuals outside of its realm of employment and more so in the public sphere of influence. Therefore, a main focus of the department is to provide information which addresses the aforementioned target areas with the highest degree of accuracy, while also being aware of the need for cultural sensitivity when discussing these topics with the general public. The main avenues the department uses to present this information is through the various educational exhibits located in its museum, guided tours, guest lectures from a variety of individuals, and demonstrations which provide windows into tribal traditions such as the youth Social Dancers, native artists, and traditional bread makers.

Keeping in line with the educational nature of the Cultural Center’s goals, the department also provides educational artistic classes, and scholarly guest talks which are restricted in attendance to tribal members and their families. Another goal of the department is to foster a sense of community and promote interconnectivity between all the individuals that walk through its doors. This is accomplished by hosting events which provide an environment which fosters community building such as festivals and local markets.


Department of Cultural Preservation

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Phone: 915-859-7700
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