Mission Statement


To provide for the safety and health of our Tribal Community and our visitors through professional emergency response, fire prevention, and public education.


Vision Statement


The Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Safety & Operations Division is driven to be an overall leader in the Fire Service. We will become a fully integrated, dedicated, and valued associate of our community, operating at the highest level of efficiency. YDSP residents, businesses, and visitors can be confident they are in the safest community and destination in the world.


Core Values


Youthfulness – Fresh, new, full of vitality and energy

Devotion – Enthusiasm for the cause

Strength – Unyielding, consistent, persistent

Passion – Strong and deep desire to serve the community


Fitness – Good physical condition

Integrity – Honest, trustworthy and accountable

Respect – Deep admiration for the community and its traditions

Excellence – Perfect practice produces perfection




  • Fire Prevention Programs - Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Detector Installation.
  • Fire Public Relation - Assistance with community events (Red Ribbon, Family Fun Fair, Back to School Fair, etc.)
  • Fire Education - CRP-AED’s, Home Hazards (electrical/gas detection) Outdoor Burning Requirements.
  • Building Inspections - Checking all Fire Devices and Fire Systems within buildings.
  • Plan Review - Assist with the advisement of the Fire Code in remodeling and new construction.
  • Medical - Wellness Checks (checking on condition of individual), Responding to Medical Calls.
  • Customary EMT Coverage - 24/7 within Speaking Rock and Outdoor Events
  • Hydrant Inspection and Testing


Contact Information 

Tribal Fire Division

11200 Santos Sanchez - Bldg. B

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, 79927

(915) 858-1197


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