Tuy Pathu Tigua Indian Pre-K

Mission Statement

The Tuy Pathu Tigua Indian Pre-K program is committed to promoting a nurturing and safe environment for all children to grow socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually that reflect the unique Tigua cultural heritage of Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo. The program’s goal is to provide families with the knowledge to be strong and successful for future generations.

The Tuy Pathu Tigua Indian Pre-K program serves children ages 3-5 and is located in Pakitu, the Pumpkin Village (District 2). The core of the program is the continued Tigua emphasis in language and cultural activities through the structured “I Am Tigua: Stories and Lessons for Learning Tiwa” curriculum. The program also focuses on developing school readiness skills such as language and literacy, thinking, self-control and self-confidence.


Pre-K Program Contact Information

For more information or any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact Pre-K Program staff at the following:


Nancy Hisa, M.Ed.

Pre-K Program Coordinator

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7224


Luisa Sierra

Pre-K Assistant


4-Year-Old Classroom

Monica Corona

Pre-K Teacher II

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7231

Clarissa Almanzar

Teacher’s Aide


3-Year-Old Classroom

Ashley Gomez

Pre-K Teacher I

Phone: (915) 872-8648 ext. 7230

Jessica Vasquez

Teacher’s Aide






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