Tuy Pathu Early Learning Center(ELC)

Mission Statement

Tuy Pathu Early Learning Center provides a safe and effective learning environment, which incorporates a child’s cultural identity and provides a positive self-image to create a strong foundation.

Tuy Pathu Early Learning Center (ELC) formerly known as Tuy Pathu Daycare provides a learning environment for tribal children from birth to 5 years and is located in Iyakitu, the Corn Village (District1). The program focuses on readiness in the areas of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. ELC programming integrates the culture, language, values, and traditions to revitalize and preserve the children’s Tigua heritage.


ELC Program Contact Information

For more information or any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact ELC Program staff at the following:

Diana Joyce Yellock

ELC Coordinator

Phone: (915) 858-5835 ext. 5330


Magdalena Robles

ELC Assistant Coordinator

Phone: (915) 858-5835 ext. 5325

Angie Duran


Norma Hernandez

Learning Support Tech

Emily Trejo

Learning Support Tech

Alejandra Farias

Learning Support Tech

Not Pictured

Beatriz Tapia

Learning Support Tech

Sylvia Gonzalez

Learning Support Tech

Yvonne Lugo

Learning Support Aide

Victoria Apodaca

Learning Support Aide

Not Pictured      Not Pictured

Cindy Alamos

Learning Support Aide




Jennifer de la Rosa

Learning Support Aide













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