Business Development Specialist

Department: Department of Economic Development
Post Date: June 11, 2018
Remove Date: June 29, 2018

The Business Development Specialist coordinates business development services to clients utilizing a client-centered case management approach providing curriculum-based educational sessions, coaching, and guidance in the various aspects of creating and operating a small business. Duties include but are not limited to: conducts research on best practices in small business services models used to serve tribal communities; deliver small business development curricula through train-the-trainer and other capacity building methods to clients and community members at-large; deliver presentations, workshops, and other educational sessions; develops and maintains collateral materials about business development services, including a program brochure, fliers, and other outreach materials; conduct outreach and recruitment through various community forums to identify prospective clients; conduct assessment and discovery activities to develop and execute an Individualized Service Plan for each client; provide technical assistance to clients in formulating business development goals; review clients progress toward goals, identifies other needs, and provide coaching and case management services as needed; coordinate a Speakers Bureau in order to bring trainers & speakers with subject-matter knowledge in various business-related and capacity-building topics; create, grow and maintain a robust network of partners who can provide ancillary services in key areas, such as workforce development services, child care, health care, and other services; assist client in obtaining credit building and credit repair services through a referral system and through information sharing; provide technical assistance to the Tigua Community Development Corporation (TCDC) including participation in board meetings; refer clients in need of small business loans to TCDC; educate clients and community members about universal services at the Tigua Business Center (TBC) and Tigua Technology & Enterprise Center (TTEC); participate in formative evaluation efforts to ensure that progress can be quantifiably measured over time in order to identify program strengths and challenges; work closely with city and county Chambers of Commerce, and any community entities in order to enhance existing business relationships; provides oversight of the Target Tigua AmeriCorps members assigned to the Business Development Services; other duties as assigned.

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