Native Pathways

Native American Employment and Training Program (NAETP)


Native Pathways was combined with the Department of Economic Development to strengthen the workforce development efforts, build earning capacity and lower the Pueblo’s 14% unemployment rate, which is (3) times higher than the national rate. Native Pathways serves low income, unemployed or underemployed Native Americans in 122 counties in the western half of Texas. Since its inception in 1979, the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo NAETP has been at the forefront of creating job opportunities for Native Americans living throughout West Texas and on reservations within the region. The program is responsible for assisting Native American participants to prepare for and obtain high quality or career-based jobs. To meet its goals, the YDSP NAETP has established long-term relationships and collaborations with various job training providers such as: vocational and educational institutions, employer partners, regional workforce development boards and various job development or ancillary agencies. The critical challenge for this program is to help the community attain higher education, skill build, to gain employment leading to an increase in family median income and financial security.


Eligibility Requirements

An individual is eligible to receive services through Native Pathways if the following criterion is met:

  • Any individual who is a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe; or Alaska Native or a Native Hawaiian
  • A low-income individual who is unemployed or underemployed
  • Able to provide all required documents and complete application


Tigua Next Generation Program


The Tigua Next Generation Program helps point young tribal members in a positive direction while helping fill workforce needs. The majority of interns are assigned within the YDSP Government and some at external work-sites. They work a maximum of 294 hours consisting of on-the-job training at an approved host site. Classroom trainings are conducted by Native Pathways staff, as well as partners from other tribal agencies. Native Pathways conducts soft skills development in collaboration with the YDSP Human Resources Department focusing on workplace ethic, analytical thinking, and problem solving. The participants will also receive ‘Tigua Cents’ a financial literacy curriculum redelivered by staff which takes the interns through budgeting, developing spending plans, and understanding credit. Each individual host-site will be responsible for assisting the participant draft an up-to-date resume where the experience they gained will be added on by the end of the summer. This will include job duties, future career objectives, summer accomplishments, and other related activities. Additionally, the participants will partake in the culturally relevant activities.



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