Financial Support


What is the interest rate for personal and business loans?


Who is eligible to apply for a business loan?

Enrolled member of YDSP in good standing.

What is the maximum business loan amount I can apply for?

There is no max, each application is an individualized decision.

How long is the term for a business loan?

Term is based on a case by case decision.

What types of personal (Community Builders) loans can I apply for at TCDC?
  • Surcharge satisfaction loans for Drivers license recovery
  • Debt consolidation
  • High interest rate auto loan refinance (3%)



Workforce Development


Who is eligible to apply for Native Pathways?

All registered Native Americans that are underemployed, unemployed and under poverty levels.

I live out of town, can I apply for Native Pathways?

All Native Americans can apply; in some cases, we may refer to their local WIOA program.

How long is the term through Native Pathways?

Part time is 6 months, full time is 3 months.

Can I work at Speaking Rock through Native Pathways?

No, placements are not made at Speaking Rock.

Can I get paid while going to school through Native Pathways?


Can Native Pathways pay for my schooling?

Yes, for vocational, technical and training schools.

What is the age range for the Tigua Next Generation Program?

15 to 17 years of age.

How long is the term for the Tigua Next Generation Program?

Each participant will recieve 280 work hours.



Entrepreneurship Support


If I am interested in Entrepreneurship and establishing a Tribal business who can help?

Call Economic Development and ask for the Business Development specialist.

Can I get help writing a business plan?

Yes, with the Business Development Specialist.

Do you have internal advertising for my tribally owned company?

Yes, you can advertise in the business directory (which is updated yearly).



Tribal Government Support

How can I learn more about my culture and history?

Nation Building presentations are available at Economic Development.

Can I get my taxes done free at YDSP?

Yes, with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance services at TCDC.

Can I get Financial literacy?

Yes, at Economic Development’s CDFI.



Tigua events