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Purchased Referral Care (PRC)

Purchased Referral Care (PRC) is dedicated to providing the best care for the most people with yearly federally funded resources. PRC is a critical part of the healthcare delivery system, allowing for coverage of services that are not available at the YDSP Health & Human Services (HHS) facility. It is the single most expensive part of the YDSP HHS budget. Every dollar spent by PRC is a dollar that cannot be used to provide services within the HHS clinic. Because of budget limitations, healthcare provided outside of the HHS facility requires that eligibility and payment processes be followed. Regulations that govern PRC are established by the U.S. Government and remain in effect as published in the Federal Register. These regulations must be followed to be in compliance with federal funding requirements.


The health of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is crucial to cultural continuity and the sustainability of the Tigua people.  Thus, PRC is committed to developing cost-effective strategies designed to stretch limited federal funding and other resources to deliver innovative approaches that provide Tiguas with supplementary and specialty health service coverage. 

Services Limited to Enrolled Tribal Members

With a Valid YDSP Health Card

For Purchased Referral Care Information

Or to Notify the Department of an ER Use within 72 Hours

Call:  (915) 858-2117



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