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HHS Logo Good health is a valuable resource for everyday life!

Welcome to the YDSP Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Website.

HHS healthcare professionals and staff members are fully committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the Tribal Community. HHS offers a range of health services with quality service and access to healthcare in an atmosphere of respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity. Our healthcare team is devoted to promoting wellness, on the grounds of improving the quality of life and the overall wellbeing of the Pueblo Community. Our efforts include prevention and intervention services working closely with Tribal Council, other YDSP entities and external health provider partners. Our fundamental goal is to provide a healthcare safety net for every Tigua child, youth, adult and elder.

Health and Human Services

9314 Juanchido Lane
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, TX 79907
Phone: (915) 858-1076     Fax: (915) 858-2367


Email Contact Information:

Martin Lopez, HHS Director

Melissa Gomez, Clinical Operations Manager

Angel Montoya, ASAP Coordinator
Elias Torrez, CHR Supervisor

Miriam Fematt, Health Education Manager 

Cristina Gutierrez, Billing Supervisor
Monica Ramirez, PRC Supervisor

    1. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) creates a framework to protect the privacy and security of patient information.  YDSP Health & Human Services supports the goals of HIPAA and is committed to delivering quality education and training to its medical, social and administrative staff.   HHS requires that all staff including new and existing employees, volunteers and trainees receive training regarding privacy policies and procedures as necessary to carry out their functions.  Follow-up training is provided online and expected to occur annually.  Security incidents and/or complaints related to HHS compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule should be documented and reported to Tribal Council.