Tribal Government

Tigua Community Achievements
Tribal Council Mission and Vision Statement
YDSP Year-End Reports
Tribal Council Mission and Vision Statement

To promote self-sufficiency, improve the quality of life, and
preserve the cultural identity for the Pueblo.


To be a self-sufficient Pueblo empowered to thrive in the
modern world while preserving our cultural foundation.


Tribal Council Core Values

  • Culture, Tradition and Language
  • Commitment, Perseverance, and Preservation
  • Sovereignty, Self-Determination, and Self-sufficiency
  • Caring, Compassion, and Spirituality
  • Respect, Tolerance, and Balance
  • Resource Development, Planning, and Monitoring
  • Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behavior
  • Consistency, Responsibility, Accountability
  • Competency, Quality Service, and Continuous Improvement
  • Leadership, Creativity and Innovation
  • Nation Building, Economic Development and  Separation of Politics and Business
  • Empowerment, Education and Training
  • Cooperation, Partnerships and Teamwork