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Tribal Court



Mission Statement - The Tribal Court shall ensure peace and order on the reservation by interpretation and enforcement of the Tribal Code of Laws or applicable federal laws, promote the welfare of the Tribe and its members, safeguard individual rights, resolve disputes fairly and efficiently, and secure the rights and powers which are inherent to the Tribe’s sovereign status.



Overview - The Tribal Court provides an orderly procedure for resolving conflicts in a manner that reflects tribal customs and traditions and the prevailing community standards, and which affords all affected persons a fair, prompt and impartial hearing.

Announcement of the Appointment of the
Tribal Court Judge

Please click here for details. Election set for January 30, 2015. 

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Court Proceedings and Hearings - The Tribal Court addresses all civil matters of action brought before the court in the form of civil complaints, petitions and citations.  All cases filed within the court shall be heard by a Tribal Court judge with in the appropriate time allowed to process each issue.



Civil Infraction Citations - Citations can be resolved in one of three ways, No-Contest forfeiture for Class C violations, by requesting a court hearing to dispute a Class C citation, or Court mandatory hearing for all Class B and Class A violations.  A court hearing is docketed within one month of receiving or challenging the citation.



Civil Petitions - All Civil Petitions will follow the standard rules of procedure unless emergency hearings must be scheduled in order to address petitions for Temporary Restraining Orders petitions if it is deemed that the health or welfare of a party is jeopardized by not expediting the hearing process.


Youth Court - The purpose of the Youth Court is to:

  • Preserve and retain the unity of the family whenever possible and to provide for the care, protection, and wholesome mental and physical development of children;
  • Recognize that alcohol and substance abuse are both preventable and treatable;
  • Provide a program of supervision, care, and rehabilitation for children in need of care;
  • Maintain a family environment whenever possible, separating the child from the parents only when necessary for the child's welfare or in the interests of public safety;
  • Provide appropriate dispositional options for treatment and rehabilitation of children in need of care and for their families;
  • Provide a forum where an Indian child charged with being "delinquent" or a "status offender" in other jurisdictions may be referred for adjudication and/or disposition.


Na Peuykam Chibel Court (Drug Court - Tribal Juvenile Healing to Wellness)

The YDSP Healing to Wellness Court implements a holistic approach to addressing and intervening in alcohol and drug use among court involved tribal youth through spiritual healing resources available to the tribal court and employing guidance and cognitive methodologies that will provide Court ordered supervision and treatment promoting abstinence.


The program combines multidisciplinary services to assist participants in acquiring the courage, strength and character essential in their development creating a more harmonious Tigua Community in which our youth to carry on the preservation of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.


The Juvenile Drug Court Program is an intensive nine month (minimum) program divided into six levels and a three month aftercare program.  Participants must complete each progressive level in order to graduate and continue their aftercare component.  The program is heavily based on multiple treatment services including:

  • One-on-one and family counseling administered by the pueblo's Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program and the Social Services Department
  • Moral Reconnation Therapy from Tribal Court team members
  • Tutoring offered via the tribe's Education Department
  • Community Service
  • Physical Training Program 
  • Meetings with a traditional tribal member


Youth Court Program - Tribal Youth Court has exclusive original jurisdiction over any child residing or domiciled on the reservation or is an enrolled member residing or is domiciled in El Paso or Hudspeth Counties.  The child must be under 18 years of age.

The Tribal Youth Program’s primary objectives are to reduce, control and prevent delinquent acts, crimes and alcohol and drug abuse by court involved youth, thus, assist in reducing the number of forthcoming adult tribal members incarcerated and afflicted with alcohol or chemical dependence and do so in a cost effective method.  The program diversifies the disposition alternatives through interventions necessary to reduce the cost of incarceration of juveniles.

The program incorporates added structure and affords a diversion method focusing on the juvenile as an individual while stressing that the court involved tribal youth has an obligation and a function in the tribal community and provides further intervention through court supervision and community policing.

Aside from standard community service and session with treatment providers, the program incorporates various community and social activities to present interventions aimed at exposing youth court participants to activities including bread baking sessions, arts and crafts sessions with elders, a mentorship and reading program with the daycare, participating in ropes courses and in physical training programs.



Court Procedures


Peace Code Citation and Traffic Code Citation (PDF) Procedures


Schedule of Court Fees (PDF)


Attorney Flyer



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Tribal Judicial Facility

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