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CDD Housing Policy


Vision Statement
Our vision is to see the day when every tribal member and tribal descendent, who needs or wishes to live on the Pueblo, has a decent affordable house to live in or a lot ready to lease and build on.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide consistent, fair and reasonable policies and procedures for developing, maintaining and operating affordable housing in a safe and healthy environment.



Overview - The Housing Department oversees several programs that facilitate the attainment of housing resources and assistance in making housing available for tribal members; and administers programs that qualify and match a family's housing needs.  These programs include: the Mutual Home Ownership Agreement (MHOA), Admissions/Intake, Amerind and Community Shield Insurance, Sanitation Program, the Housing Improvement Program, Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC), Veterans Administration Direct Loan Program, and the Section 184 Loan Guarantee Program.  The department also assists the Pueblo to craft housing policy, plans and community development strategies.  The Housing Department applies for and administers Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG), Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG), HUD Title VI Loan Guarantee Program, and other infrastructure funding opportunities from agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Native American Programs, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Services.  Grants are used for housing rehabilitation, land acquisition and to support new housing construction.  Funding is also utilized to improve tribal infrastructure and construct or repair roads, water and sewer facilities.


Housing Demographics - Housing areas are located within reservation boundaries situated within the lower valley community of El Paso and the City of Socorro.  The first housing area was completed in 1976 with a total of 112 homes.  By the late 1990’s the Pueblo was experiencing a severe housing shortage and undertook aggressive housing planning and development.  The next complex was completed in 2005 with 105 homes and a five duplex rental project for Elders in 2007 for a total of 227 units.Currently there are: 117 units that are now paid for: all 112 units in the original reservation housing area; and 5 units in the new reservation housing area.  In December 2010, thirty (30) LIHTC very low income rental duplexes (60 units) and three (3) new single family HUD MHOA homes were completed. Since then, 24 single family units have been added to Housing Area 2. The total number of homes (both homebuyer and rentals) now totals 314. In addition, the following units are under construction or in the pipeline:  three (3) single family NAHASDA units, twenty-four (24) HUD Sec184, eight (8) Tribal Council Rental Duplexes and one (1) off reservation rental home. 


District # of Units Funding Source
District I 112 (Mix Single Family & Duplex)      HUD 1937 Act
District I   10 (5 Duplex Units) HUD NAHASDA (HBG)-All Rental
District II   24 (Single Family) HUD 1937 Act
District II   30 (Single FAmily) HUD Indian Home
District II     4 (Single Family) Section 184 (HUD Guaranteed Loan)
District II     1 (Single Family) VA Direct Loan
District II   50 (Single Family) HUD NAHASDA (HBG)
District II     8 (4 Duplex Units) HUD NAHASDA (HUD Title VI Loan)
District II     3 (Single Family) HUD NAHASDA (ARRA)
District II   60 (30 Duplex Units) Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LITCH)     
District II     4 (Single Family) Tribal Council Mortgages
District II           8 (4 Duplex Units) Tribal Council Rental Units
TOTAL 314 Housing Units  



  • Mutual Home Ownership Agreement (MHOA), the primary target of this program is low income tribal families.  This program oversees the provision of low income housing, enforcement of housing policies and procedures, annual inspections, annual re-certifications, monthly yard inspections and payment collection. 
  • Occupancy- Single Family Residential Unit Sale Agreement (SFRUSA) – These homes are purchased directly from the tribal government and with the Housing Department overseeing monthly yard inspections and payment collection.
  • Admissions/Intake – Admissions and Intake is the applications and eligibility process. 
  • Building Insurance-The Housing Department administers the Amerind/Community Shield insurance policies that provide affordable and adequate insurance coverage for tribal residents and their homes.
  • IHS Sanitation Services – This program ensures that tribal members have adequate sanitation service (on or off the reservation).  Services assist in the construction and/ or installation of water supply, water services and waste disposal facilities including solid waste.
  • Housing Improvement Program (HIP) - This program helps tribal members repair or make interim improvements, replacement housing or new home within the tribe's service delivery area (on or off the reservation).
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC)- This IRS program administered by the State of Texas provided for the construction of thirty low income rental duplexes (60 units) and targets very low income households.
  • The NAHASDA Section 184 program provides loan guarantees so higher income Tribal families can obtain bank mortgages to build on or off Tribal land. Thirty-one lots were made available for this program. These same lots can also be used for Veterans Administration Direct Loan Program that provides construction loans directly to eligible tribal veterans.
  • Four (4) rental dulexes funded with a HUD Title VI Loan.
  • Title VI loans are used for infrastructure and new housing construction.

The Housing Department's Strategic Plan calls for development of infrastructure and approximately one hundred housing units on the remaining available tribal land.


332 Alton Griffin
El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: 915-859-9196
Fax: 915-860-7069