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YDSP Questionnaire is a survey instrument, administered annually to enrolled members of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, aimed at garnering tribal demographic and socioeconomic information which helps the Tribe set priorities, identify gaps in service and develop programs to meet tribal community needs.


Enrollment Services assists the Tribes native population apply for tribal membership, research genealogical descent, processes enrollment identification cards and annual member updates. The process for enrollment is as follows:

  • Applications are processed in person
  • Scheduled appointment is necessary
  • Certified State Issued Birth Certificate is needed to establish parentage
  • Social Security Card is needed
  • Any other documents deemed relevant by the Tribal Records Office
  • DNA results must accompany the application if the father is not named in the birth certificate


Enrollment Application (PDF)

Request for Address Change (PDF)

Article 3 “Enrollment and Membership”(PDF)

Instructions for ID Cards Renewal(PDF)

Corrections Application (PDF)