Tribal Operations
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Housing Department
Pueblo Public Works
Tribal Police Department
Tribal Court and Records

Tribal Agencies act on behalf of the Tribal Government to carry out administrative services, manage resources, and provide critical civil services to the community of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.  The Governor's office is the primary administrative office and makes certain that Tribal programs and departments act strategically, increase their proficiencies, are cost effective and make an impact at the Pueblo of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.  This process is part of a larger effort to improve how Tigua conducts its affairs and to establish systemic order that builds a better nation.  

Key departments are highlighted as follows: 

  • Tribal Operations provides programmatic oversight to ensure that tribal departments and agencies are operating in accordance with regulations, budgets and proposed outcomes. 
  • Tribal Records is the keeper and provider of information concerning membership as well as Tribal lands and buildings.
  • Finance and Revenue provides key financial management efforts to ensure that tribal resources, funds and assets are used efficiently.
  • The Housing Department assures that basic community needs such as decent, safe and affordable housing is accessible to tribal citizens.
  • Public Works and Pueblo Maintenance is critical to the conservation and upkeep of public buildings and lands.
  • Tribal Police fulfill the safety and welfare directives of Tribal Council and enforces Tribal laws.
  • Tribal Court is critical to protecting and enhancing the Pueblo's sovereignty and ensuring justice.
Please visit each agency's page for more information on the duties and special activities for each department.     


Tribal Administration

119 S. Old Pueblo Rd. (P.O. Box 17579)   
El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: 915-859-7913
Fax: 915-859-2988