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Other ENRD Projects

Other ENRD Projects

Environmental Screening

ESSCO Environmental, Inc. (ESSCO) conducted an Environmental Screening Study (ESS) on behalf of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (YDS Pueblo). The ESS purpose was tp quantify the Environmental pollutants with potential high-risk chemicals, to which participants are exposed in the air they breathe, the water they use, and in the soil; either in the domestic or work environment. The chemicals classes inclided the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) eight (8) heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) specifically the nicotine and 2-Ethylpyridine compounds.

Environmental Screening Sampling YDSP Residential Districts I & II and Tribal Owned Buildings

Executive Summary


Community Gardening

The EMO has also continued to work in collaborating with Traditional Tribal council in the development of agricultural projects for the Pueblo that have included community gardens, Ki Kai Namu Sheuri, for seed preservation and planting events in the spring and fall. These activities have been developed to include teaching components for youth that have included the pre-k the after school programs. The EMO has also worked with the youth council in a fundraising project that included the harvesting of pecans, proceeds will be used to fund youth council activities. Additionally, a grant application has been submitted to the First Nations Sustainable Agriculture Systems grant totaling $35,000.

The Corn crop in the Iye Kitu Village was an important step in promoting the agricultural history of the Pueblo and installing a program for including the community in raising corn in a visible area. It is anticipated that as the community becomes more involved the program will also expand in size and scope.


Energy Utilization tracking & retrofitting  

Through funding from Tribal Council the ENRD collaborated with the maintenance department to retrofit lighting within the administration building by changing out the current lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. So far 40 percent of the administration building has been completed. The EMO will also continue monitoring energy consumption and logging energy fluctuations through the EPA Energy Star portfolio manager program.

In the photograph above, the light in the foreground is a newly Installed LED light fixture designed for use in existing four foot florescent tube light fixtures. These LED four foot tubes will be installed in place of the fluorescent tubes in the Administration Building. The retrofits require some wiring and the removal of the lighting ballast. It is anticipated that these new lights will provide a cleaner white light over the yellow tint that comes off of aged fluorescents. With a life of 100,000 hours these LED lights will pay themselves off in three years.

The EPA Energy Star portfolio manager will track energy savings and the effectiveness of these retrofits. Participation in this software will allow the Pueblo to forecast energy savings and reinvest in retrofits for additional buildings. In the coming year, the ENRD will be facilitating a Pueblo energy smack down that will help Pueblo staff to better understand energy consumption and conservation.


“This Is Our Mother Earth” Earth Week Activities

Each year, the ENRD continues Earth day activities as part of its environmental education and outreach work plan. The target audience has continued to be the YDSP community, specifically the youth from the Pre-K and after school programs. The ENRD has also held educational outreach for the Elders program and employees of the YDSP.