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 Ysleta del Sur Pueblo – Chilicote Ranch News

If you ask any tribal member where their  favorite place to visit, most likely they will say that they like visiting and spending time at the Chilicote Ranch, located in Jeff Davis and Presidio Counties (Valentine, Texas).  There is something about nature that attracts us all, the beauty of the mountains and vegetation, the sound of the wildlife, or the peace of the night, the ranch offers days and nights of peace, relaxation, connection with culture and seasonal hunting. If you have not had the opportunity to visit we encourage you to participate in the seasonal tribal rental raffle.

Rental Season is April through September but may change in the event of   drought, wildfire, or any other catastrophic weather conditions.  Weekends will be raffled to interested Tribal Members that are heads of household.  Only one entry per household per season will be allowed and your entry will remain in the raffle box for the entire season.  If selected, there will be a rental fee of $250.00 and a $200.00 deposit is required to secure the rental.   You may also reserve Week Days (Monday – Friday) and the same fees apply.


·   Weekdays or Weekends are Non- Transferable!!  (NO EXCEPTIONS)
·   Rental Fees: $250.00
·   A Deposit of $200.00 will be REQUIRED on ALL Reservations!!
·   Head of   household   must accompany Guest at all times!
·   If you are unable to keep your reservation, please be courteous and let us know in a timely manner so another tribal member can get the opportunity to rent the ranch!!


You are allowed a maximum of twenty- five guest and will be held responsible for your guest at all times.  The tribe will not be liable for any consequential damages of any nature, including personal injury, death or property damage arising out of or resulting from your guest(s) use of the ranch facilities.  You will be responsible for the conduct and well - being of any minor children during your stay and responsible for any property damage that may arise.  There are three lodging facilities available to you that you may utilize to meet the lodging   needs of your guest. The main guest consists of a living room area, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a laundry facility.  Adjacent to the main guest house, is a smaller guest house that consists of a living room area, small kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bath room.  These two homes share an additional bunking area upstairs, an extended porch, and swimming pool.  The third guest home is located next to the Ranch Foreman’s home and has a living area, den, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and laundry facilities.

It is recommended that you take your own cooking ware, towels, and bedding sheets.  Personal hygiene items are not provided.  A grill is available to you for grilling, but you will need to provide your charcoal or wood.

Check Out Policy:

On check out day at the ranch, guests will be responsible for cleaning up for themselves.  Prior to leaving you must clean all the houses.   The Ranch foreman will do an inspection and determine if your deposit will be refunded.  Common courtesy, please leave the house clean for the next guest.

For additional information, you may contact Edna Sierra at (915) 859-7913 or by email:  esierra@ydsp-nsn.gov



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