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 P'a Kitu Sign


Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Environmental Code Development Project

The Environmental & Natural Resources Department recently completed the arduos task of developing an Environmental Code that will safeguard the people and lands of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. The Environmental Code was passed through Tribal Resolution number 007-13 and added to the Pueblo's Code of Law through Tribal Ordinance number 001-13 on February 26, 2013. The Environmental Code project has been a collaborative effort between several departments including: Environmental, Housing, Economic Development, Tribal Police, Fire Safety and Operations, Traditional Council, and the Tribal Attorney's Office. The Environmental Code Development Committee (ECDC) has worked hard to develop a code that is relevant to the Pueblo and that will be able to be enforced. Now completed the Environmental Code will be available on the YDSP website for viewing through the link at the bottom of this page.

The Environmental & Natural Resources Department will keep the community posted on all changes in legislation as we continue to finish up this project. Coordinating with Tribal Council and the ECDC, the ANA Environmental Code Development Project alllowed the Environmental & Natural Resources Department to replace the old reservation signs with new signs that are more indicative of our Pueblo culture and language. The names of the villages were also changed to reflect the Pueblo's agricultural roots. The new names are Iye Kitu or Corn Village (for District I) and P'a Kitu or Pumpkin Village (replacing District II). We hope that you embrace these new names and use these names in your daily lives when speaking about the villages.

For more information please contact Gonzalo Castillo in the Environmental & Natural Resources Department at (915) 859-7913.    

Thank you for your support.