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The term "Tiguanomics" was derived from the Pueblo's efforts to transform into a data-driven nation through the enhancement of data collection and statistical analysis to promote informed decision making and improve tribal governance, programs and services. YDSP data collection activities are intended to support the Pueblo Community and promote its economic development by updating and maintaining information that is valid, reliable and current; and that over time enables the user to observe long-term changes and to forecast the future needs of the Pueblo. Tiguanomics will empower the Pueblo to increase quality of life, strengthen sovereignty, promote self-determination and safeguard cultural preservation.  YDSP data collection activities are centered on social and economic concerns, targeted populations and program improvement projects.


Please click on the respective links below to access the various reports. 


Socio-Economic Profiles 

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2010 Socio Economic Profile                        2010 Socio Economic Profile
2009 Socio Economic Profile                        2009 Socio Economic Profile
2008 Socio Economic Fact Sheet                         2008 Socio Economic Fact Sheet


Community Surveys Click on Title to Download Document

2013 Alternative/Renewable Energy Survey            

 2013 Energy Community Engagement Survey

2012 Land Use Survey: Community Report 2012 YDSP Land Use Survey Community Report


Emerging Business    Click on Title to Download Document       
2009 Small Business Profile                           

2009 Small Business Profile


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