Affordable Care Act (ACA)
May 15, 2014

Starting this year (2014), every person must have health coverage
or an exemption from the Affordable Care Act requirement.

You are eligible for an exemption:
**If you are a tribal member of a federally recognized tribe, or
**If you qualify for Indian Health Care Provider Services.

You will need to apply for the Exemption through the Marketplace
or when you file your federal income tax return.

Even if you are exempt, you may still want to enroll in a Marketplace health plan to have access to services not currently provided by YDSP Health & Human Services.

Also, under the Affordable Care Act, you have special cost and eligibility rules for Medicaid and CHIP that make it easier to qualify; and you might not have to pay Medicaid premiums or enrollment fees.

For information on the Affordable Care Act, contact Frances Guerra,
at YDSP Health & Human Services: (915) 860-6124.

And download the attached PDF to review your options:
Download PDF