2013 Tigua Veterans Ceremony
November 16, 2013

The annual Veterans Day Ceremony took place Saturday morning at the Economic Development Department bringing together Tigua Veterans and their friends and family.

Cacique Francisco P. Holguin, War Captain Javier Loera, Governor Frank Paiz, Lt. Governor Carlos Hisa and other speakers offered prayers and remembrances in honor of those who served in the armed forces.

Key note speaker, Command Sergeant Major William R. Hambrick, honored the Pueblo?s notable contribution to protecting America?s freedom.

Efforts that contributed to the success of the event are greatly appreciated; especially those of the Eagle?s Claw Warrior Society, the Taos Pueblo Drum Group, the YDSP Target Tigua AmeriCorps Members and our youth in the YDSP Afterschool Program.

Please click on the PDF link below to download a presentation of the 2013 Veterans Ceremony.
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