September is National Preparedness Month
September 01, 2013

Good preparations today can decrease fear, reduce losses and speed recovery in a time of disaster or emergency.

The YDSP Emergency Management Office works with FEMA, through a
nation-to-nation relationship, to help the Pueblo prepare before an emergency and recover after disaster strikes.

The following guidance is recommended to build the capacity of a people who have endured great suffering and challenges but who remain proud and committed to taking care of one another, their land and their traditions.

To make a difference for yourself and the Pueblo, you are urged to:
* Learn your risks and responses
* Make a family communications plan
* Build an emergency supply kit
* Get involved in preparedness within your Tribal Community

For additional resources, please click on the attached PDF document or contact the YDSP Emergency Management Office at (915) 859-7913 for answers to any questions that you may have.
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