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Program Description


Ysleta del Sur Pueblo has a Higher Education Program, which helps students in carrying out their plans to attend an accredited higher education institution. The amount of funding given to Ysleta del Sur Pueblo from the Bureau of Indian Affairs for higher education awards varies from calendar year to calendar year.


Funding from the Higher Education Program is for students who are enrolled tribal members of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and are enrolled at an accredited institution on a full time status.  Awards are intended to assist students in meeting the cost of higher education.

Eligible Population

Enrollment Status

Cap on Funding

Eligibility Requirements

Registered Tribal Members/Descendants

Full Time

12 credit hours

or more


@ 4yr. institution



@ 2yr. institution

- Residency in El Paso/    Hudspeth area
- Attend accredited 2-4 year institution
- Apply for federal financial aid
- Establish financial need
- Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher

The goal of the Higher Education Program is to help supplement the students remaining unmet need between actual higher education cost and the financial aid package along with any other student/family contribution and to assist students to meet the cost that cannot be derived from other programs or resources. It is structured on a last dollar basis meaning all other sources of funding must be sought prior to receiving any Tribal assistance. Grants are not to be considered as the total source of funding for higher education.  


Students must apply for all federal financial aid, state and campus based programs. These sources will be used as the main source of funding.  Students who do not apply for federal, state, or campus based programs will be considered ineligible for program funding. Receipt of other financial assistance does not automatically disqualify students from the Higher Education Program. Tribal grant awarded is in addition to any other financial aid.


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