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A Pea in a Native Pod

Pea in a Pod


Native American women have strong family and community bonds with a deep and profound respect for life, family, children and elders.  In support of these bonds, prenatal education classes are being offered in group settings to pregnant women or women seeking to become pregnant. The classes teach about healthy pregnancy practices and healthy delivery of babies.  The classes talk about preventing birth defects, premature births, and avoiding infant mortality.

 Native American women have the highest rate of inadequate access or delayed prenatal care.  The leading causes of infant death are birth defects, premature births, sudden infant death syndrome, maternal complications and respiratory distress syndrome. 

 This class can help members of the Tigua community become informed and empowered to have health babies.  The greatest asset the Tigua tribe has is its children so all moms or future moms are encouraged to take the time and attend the classes.    


Classes coming in 2016! Call 915.860.6143 for more informaiton.

At least 5 participants are needed to begin a new class.