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Native Americans have the highest prevalence of diabetes over any other group in the general U.S. population. In some Native American communities, more than half of adults aged 18 and older have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Some Native communities have diabetic prevalence rates reaching as high as 60% of their total population. Contributing to these troubling statistics is the alarming rise of obesity and type 2 diabetes in young Native Americans. Native youth suffer from higher rates of obesity and diabetes related complications earlier in their young lives.  This contributes to shorter lifespans for Native Americans and decreases the overall quality of life due to health complications.  

Currently the  Diabetes Program is managed by the Health Education Coordinator who, in collaboration with two Case Managers, works to apply best practices and improve patient outcomes. The diabetes program participates in numerous tribal community events. Sugar, blood pressure and BMI screenings are provided throughout the year.


In response to this growing epidemic, a national Indian Health Service program called the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) was developed. The SDPI program was implemented at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo in 1997. In 2012, Congress funded the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act.

At YDSP, the Diabetes Program transitioned into a case management system with a greater emphasis on diabetic patient care.  By working as a team with the patient, the diabetes program staff and the health clinic’s providers are able to develop a Diabetes Care Plan that directly address the needs of each individual patient. 

The Diabetes Program strives to improve the health outcomes for the whole of the Tigua community by applying best practices in diabetic treatments that have been proven to be effective in managing the disease and by promoting prevention strategies throughout the Tigua community.  The Diabetes Program provides:

-       Individual patient education

-       Diabetic care

-       Blood glucose monitoring

-       Blood pressure management

-       Body Mass Index (BMI) screenings  

-       Medical supplies for self-management

-       Referral services for specialized care or durable medical equipment such as diabetic shoes

The diabetes program participates in numerous tribal community events and offers screenings and health education throughout the year.  

  Services Subject to Tigua Membership Eligibility

For Diabetes Information or to Schedule an Appointment Call:

 Ana Lopez (915) 860-6131 or email at

Karla Estrada (915) 860-6121 or email at