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Good vision is much more than seeing 20/20!


The Optometry Department is equipped to perform a full vision exam, including eye health, movements, teaming, focusing and refractive status to determine if glasses are needed; and providing over 100 styles of eye glass frames to choose from so that glasses can be ordered on the same day of your visit.   

Service Include:

  • Vision exams for all ages
  • Developmental and visual perceptual testing
  • Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma & Cataract
  • Eye glass frames sales, repairs and adjustments
The Optometry Department is also very excited to introduce new technology, the Auto Refract Meter which allows the doctor to detect vision problems in young, active child who may be uncomfortable sitting behind the traditional phoroter used in diagnosing adult vision.  The Auto Refract Meter allows the doctor to quickly and efficiently complete a child's assessment. In addition, HHS is thrilled to add a new retinal camera to YDSP services.  The retinal camera provides an accurate detection of the destructive pathology in diabetes patients.

Services Subject to Tigua Membership Eligibility

For Optometry Information Call:

  (915) 860-6128

  To Schedule an Appointment Call:

 (915) 858-1076