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Tigua Community Achievements
Tigua Veterans Ceremony  
Blood Quanum Bill  
Pueblo Reunion 2009: All Indian Pueblo Council Celebration Day  
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Tigua Community Achievements

Tribal Council leads the Tigua community in improving the quality of life for all Tiguas, past, present and future. The projects, activities and events listed on this page highlight some of the Tribal Council's actions, accomplishments and impacts they have made to preserve and sustain the Tigua community.  These initiatives represent the issues important to the preservation, protection and prosperity of the Tigua Community as a whole. Learn more by clicking the links below.  

Project Tiwahu
Key Findings 


Project Tiwahu
 Project Tiwahu
Blood Quantum Bill     H.R. 1560  
Tigua Veterans Honor      
All Indian Pueblo Council  All Indian Pueblo Council Reunion 2009 2009 Pueblo Reunion   Pueblo Reunion 2009
Kiva Restoration Project  Kiva Restoration    Kiva Restoration