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TPD endeavors to maintain an effective working relationship with the Tribal Court System that, in turn, is responsible for interpreting Tribal law.  The Tribal Court System, consisting of a Tribal Court Judge and an Appeals Court, has exclusive jurisdiction for all Tribal civil cases, Peace Code, Youth Code as well as other matters and proceedings. 

TPD and YDSP's Office of Emergency Management Department (OEM) team up to collaborate with the U.S. Border Patrol in joint activities concerning the security of the U.S./Mexico Border.  OEM is the Tribal Department responsible for the management of Tribal resources and for addressing all aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and rehabilitation. Emergency management involves plans, structures and arrangements established to engage the normal endeavors of all agencies--governmental, voluntary and private--in a comprehensive and coordinated way to respond to the whole spectrum of emergency needs.  This is also known as disaster management.  The OEM is responsible for ensuring that Tribal Government, businesses, and community are prepared and that they have the resources to protect the health, safety, welfare, and property of the Pueblo during emergencies and disasters.

TPD works in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, such as local police departments, the El Paso County Sheriff's Department, and FEMA.  This is necessary to ensure the safety of the entire area and effectively provide the best possible security for the Pueblo and the surrounding communities. For example, TPD assists the City of Socorro Police Department in addressing domestic calls, traffic enforcement, and any other call where collaboration or assistance is needed.  Moreover, the TDP collaborates with U.S. Customs/Border Patrol to ensure a multi-agency approach to border security and deterrence of illegal entry into the U.S.

YDSP Tribal Police Team Up with the US Border Patrol