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As a key contributor to maintaining and improving the welfare of the Tribe, the Finance and Revenue Department sustains full accountability of all tribal resources, insures maximum operation of revenues, and provides timely and accurate financial information using sound business practices and methods.  The Finance & Revenue Department consists of four main sections.  Responsibilities range from management, monitoring and disbursement of the Tribe's resources, procurement of goods and services for the Pueblo and proper purchasing procedures, including the timely recording, classifying and reporting of all financial transactions of the Tribe.  The core financial service sections in the department include the following: 

  •  Fiscal Services:  Consists of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Grants Management, and Budget.  The Fiscal Services section is responsible for the disbursement of payments to vendors in Accounts Payable; managing the Accounts Receivables or amounts due to the Tribe; monitoring, reviewing billing of all grant funded activities of the Tribe, and recording, reporting and oversight of the Tribal budget.
  • Treasury:  The Treasury section is responsible for managing the Tribe's investments in accordance with Federal, State and Tribal laws, and enforcing the Tribe's Investment Policy.  This policy is reviewed and approved annually by the Tribal Council.
  • General and Financial Accounting and Reporting:  This section is responsible for reporting, monitoring and management and of the Tribe's accounting system. Information provided by Reporting is used by management, regulatory agencies and creditors.  The responsibility for issuance of the Annual Financial Report of the Tribe is completed by this section.  The section also contains the Payroll area which processes all payroll transactions for the Tribal employees. Lastly, the Tribe's Capital Asset Management functions which consists of recording, identifying and tracking capital assets of the Tribe is carried out by this section.
  • Procurement & Contracting/Warehouse:  The Procurement and Contacting section provides, procures and coordinates the purchasing of supplies, material and equipment for the Tribe in accordance with Federal and State laws and Tribal accepted proper purchasing procedures.  The section coordinates contracts in accordance with Federal, State, Tribal laws, coordinates all bid processing, contract renewals and bid documentation. The warehouse area which is responsible for managing the warehouse and centralized receiving and delivery is placed under this section.
  • The Tax Division which administers and enforces the YDSP Tax Code including records, licensing, collection, and reporting functions also falls within the Finance & Revenue Division.


Finance Department
119 S. Old Pueblo Rd. (P.O. Box 17579)   
El Paso, TX 79907
Phone: 915-859-7913
Fax: 915-859-2988