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Tribal Operations

As the principal agency for government program oversight, Tribal Operations goals are to manage, administer and direct the activities and functions of Tribal Agencies.  Tribal Operations spearheads Pueblo-wide administrative activities such as the development of the annual operating budget, facilitates strategic planning, executes and monitors management policies and supports an inter-departmental network through information exchange outlets such as director meeting facilitation and training, and production of the annual Tribal Government year-end report.  Additionally, Operations oversees: Compliance, Human Resources, Management Information Systems (MIS), Tribal Records and the office of Emergency Management.  It operates as a function of the Tribal Government's Consolidated Tribal Government Program funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Tribal Operations

The Tribal Operations Department is a principal agency for government program oversight. The department's goals are to coordinate and supervise the activities and functions of the Compliance, Human Resources, Enrollment, MIS and Emergency Management Departments. It operates as a function of the Tribal Government Consolidation Program funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Compliance Department

The Compliance Department provides indirect services targeted at the Pueblo's numerous government subsidized programs and program directors. The program's goals are to:

  • Administer evaluation criteria and control systems 
  • Provide program directors with technical support
  • Direct organizational-wide planning processes. 
  • Prepare the Pueblo's annual operating budget. 
  • Oversee the submission grant proposal to funding agencies. 
  • The Tribal Records Office (TRO)

Human Resources (HR) Department

The Human Resources (HR) Department coordinates all HR activities such as personnel placement, compensation, employee benefits, interviewing, performance management, risk management, organizational development, HR policy administration and maintenance, employee education and development, and employee relations. The department provides comprehensive HR services to tribal government departments and tribal enterprises.

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Management Information Systems (MIS) Department

The MIS Department maintains an advanced and efficient information system that contributes to the Pueblo's operational and planning needs. The MIS department works closely with upper management to ensure the system meets department needs. MIS also designs, constructs, implements, and manages all computer and data information systems. The MIS Department provides Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo technical support such as:

  • Administrative application systems, including: governmental and enterprise-wide software systems.
  • Actively participates in all aspects of software, hardware and network design, implementation, and analysis. 
  • Provides technical support including system enhancement, trouble-shooting and problem resolution. 
  • Administers and provides support for security and application setup to ensure the veracity of the system. 

Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management endeavors to ensure that the Tribal Government, Businesses, and Community are prepared and have the resources to protect the health, safety, welfare, and property of the Pueblo during emergencies and disasters.  The program's goals are: 

  • To protect public health and safety within the Pueblo's boundaries through preparedness and response efforts.
  • To preserve tribal and private property within the Pueblo's boundaries through mitigating and recovery effort.
  • To engage our tribal population in community-based preparedness through education and training.

Tribal Records Office

There are two primary roles of the Tribal Records Office (TRO) including:

Tribal Enrollment Services: Membership Enrollment Application Process
Tribal Property Management: Tribal Property Management

TRO maintains tribal membership records (census), organizes and classifies any data affiliated with tribal properties. The TRO's primary role is to serve as a centralized information center providing direct service and technical assistance as well as protecting the integrity of tribal enrollment and property records.