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Membership Enrollment Application Process

The Tribal Records Office of Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo is dedicated to helping its native population apply for tribal enrollment and to keep an updated census of Tribal Membership. The enrollment personnel are here to assist tribal members to the best of their ability. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.



This guide provides information on the community enrollment survey.


 All applicants will be processed in person, a scheduled appointment is necessary.


A Certified State Issued Birth Certificate is needed to establish parentage, Social Security Card and/or any other documents deemed relevant by the Tribal Records Office.

If the father possesses Tigua Indian blood and his name does not appear on the birth certificate, DNA results must accompany the application to acknowledge paternity. (This is for enrollment purposes only.)

Through careful analysis of required documentation, research is conducted to verify that the applicant meets the following requirements:

1.     Applicant is a Lineal or Lateral Descendant of a member who is listed in the Tribal Base Roll of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo and is an enrolled member of the Tribe.

2.       At the date of application, the applicant has not accepted any financial benefits from any other tribe.

3.     Dual Enrollment is prohibited. Applicant is not eligible for enrollment with Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo if s/he is enrolled with another Tribe, Band, Pueblo, or federally recognized Indian tribes.

4.     Applicants who were adopted and placed with non-tribal families whose tribal parents are no longer living, may apply for enrollment, providing applicant submits all required documentation.

The burden of proving eligibility for enrollment with the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Tribe and supplying documentation to the Tribe is placed upon the applicant.


You can contact our office for further information on these services by phone or by e-mail to  You can reach us at (915) 859-7913 Allison Salas ext.7718. If we are not able to answer please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Enrollment Department Forms


The following documents explain the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo enrollment requirements and processes:

To open the files below: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader at the following website:


Please click on the title of form to download:


Enrollment Application (PDF)

Request for Address Change (PDF)

Article 3 “Enrollment and Membership”(PDF)

Instructions for ID Cards Renewal(PDF)

Corrections Application (PDF)