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YDSP Green Teams

The Ysleta del Sur Pueblo’s (YDSP) Green Team will provide community/staff-based participation and recommendations to YDSP in desire to create a more sustainable and efficient Pueblo. Recommendations from the Green Team will be documented and shared with key decision-makers such as the Environmental & Natural Resources Department, Tribal Council, and Traditional Council etc.

Come be a part of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (YDSP) Green Teams! The teams will consist of 5 employees from each Tribal building and will help the YDSP staff consider the environmental effects of the everyday workplace & community operations as well as behavior. The Green Teams will attend workshops where they will learn new ways to reduce their environmental impact. They will be responsible for implementing and managing environmental changes in their prospective buildings. By improving our behavior and applying small changes to our everyday habits, we can create a more sustainable Pueblo!


For more information about Green TEams, please refer to the following documentation:

YDSP Green Teams Flyer




To register your team and/or have questions, please contact the Environmental & Natural Resources Department at (915) 859-7913.