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The Environmental & Natural Resource Department (ENRD) was awarded a US Fish and Wildlife: Tribal Wildlife Grant (TWG) in the amount of $188,273.00. This project will permit the ENRD to create a formal Conservation Plan for Mule deer and Pronghorn antelope populations within Chilicote Ranch through establishment of systems for baseline inventories and designation of conservation/rehabilitation areas for the Mule deer and Pronghorn antelope populations. This will make funds available for the Pueblo to assist to maintain and further develop habitat support for populations of these species.  This grant will also let the ENRD purchase much needed equipment such as solar powered water wells, utility vehicle, passive wildlife water guzzler, supplemental deer feeders, and wildlife cameras for monitoring. The project will also allow the EMO to build capacity by means of training through Ecosystems Management Inc. consultant training and through partnerships with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and Sul Ross University.

Through these trainings and baseline work the Pueblo will be better equipped to manage wildlife populations more efficiently and direct a more successful Mule deer and Pronghorn antelope management program. Other partnerships include the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) who will assist the Pueblo with grazing caring capacities for cattle, vegetation and land classifications. YDSP partnerships include Chilicote Ranch, YDSP Wildlife Management Committee (WMC), Tribal Police and Traditional Council/Historic Preservation Office; all partners are vital to the success of this project.

Most recently the ENRD, WMC and other volunteer Tribal community members completed 60 vegetation transects to begin developing the baseline vegetation data for the project. The main purpose of these transects is to form a habitat assessment which allow us to develop adequate habitat for wildlife. Night spotlight surveys were also conducted where a standardized method was implemented. All of these methods will contribute to accountability and reliable data.

For additional information about the USFWS Tribal Wildlife Grant, you may contact Gonzalo Castillo at (915) 859-7913 or by email at: gcastillo@ydsp-nsn.gov.