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Conservation Stewardship Program Grant (CSP)

Currently the Environmental & Natural Resources Department secured an award in corporation with NRCS called the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).  Under this program the Chilicote Ranch will receive for operation-level environmental practices totaling to $2,379,350.00. Through this program, the ranch will receive annual payments of $475,870.00 for undertaking conservation activities and improving, maintaining and managing existing conservation activities. Under the guidelines of this program the ranch most complete the following exercises:

  1. Water quality enhancement activities- specifically the rotation of supplement and feeding areas for livestock
  2. Animal Enhancement Activity- Monitoring nutritional status of livestock using the NUTBAL PRO system
  3. Animal Enhancement Activity- Retrofitting watering facilities for wildlife escape
  4. Animal Enhancement Activity- Grazing management to improve wildlife habitat

For more information please contact the Environmental & Natural Resources Department at (915) 859-7913.